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HSE Kicks Off 2019 by Revealing Farm Inspection Regime

HSE Kicks Off 2019 by Revealing Farm Inspection Regime

31st January 2019

In 2019, farmers must pay attention now more than ever to workplace hazards—or suffer serious consequences from the HSE.
Shortly after the new year, the HSE announced plans to launch a programme of inspections on farms throughout the nation, beginning soon. These inspections will review basic health and safety standards at each farm location, while focusing primarily on the following top agricultural risks:
 Machinery

 Falls from height

 Children

 Livestock
This initative arrives after recent industry research revealed farmers’ poor attitudes and behaviours towards handling workplace risks. Not to mention, agriculture also possesses the worst record of any industry across Britain in terms of fatal workplace injury, totalling 33 worker deaths in the past year—18 times higher than the all-industry rate.
The HSE responded by creating a series of nocost compliance events to provide farmers with the chance to understand how to better comply with health and safety standards and prepare for future inspections.
These inspections will help make sure that all farmers are protecting themselves and their workers by doing what is necessary to comply with workplace standards, preventing future injury, ill-health and death. The HSE emphasised that if any farm location fails to comply with health and safety law, they will use enforcement to generate improvements.
HSE Head of Agriculture, Rick Brunt, said that although agriculture is viewed as a dangerous industry, incorporating proper health and safety practices in the workplace can help prevent future problems.
“Everyone involved in farming has a role to play,” Brunt said. Those working in the industry need to understand the risks they face and the simple ways they can be managed. Farmers, managers and workers are reminded that death, injuries and cases of illhealth are not an inevitable part of farming.”
For more information on the upcoming inspections and top preparation tips, use the HSE’s industry-specific guide.


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